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Our Home is Heaven


Our time is characterized by the fact that so many people live outside their country of birth. War, disasters and political unrest have driven them away from their homeland.

But also the international situation we live in requires many to work for their companies outside their home country.

This contributes to an inner turmoil in the lives of the people, because many do not feel at home in the place they live, they have not found a true stand, neither in everyday life nor in religious life.

With this in mind, we can understand that it should not have been easy for Abraham to leave home and settle in a completely different country, even though he was well known with the nomadic life.

But now he was going to a strange country, a land God had intended for him, and because God commanded him to travel, Abraham travels.

Also we Christians are in the same situation. We cannot hold on to this earthly life if we will listen to Paul who says: Our home is heaven.

We travel every day to our Home. Do good works on the way. Help people and love people.


Do we witness Christ?


When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, Jesus said, “You shall be strong, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and throughout Samaria, even to the ends of the world.”

The church has never been afraid of the world, even though its servants and members have been imprisoned, mistreated and even killed.

Just as the apostles could not be tongue-tied, but had to speak, thus we must speak today.

This is the challenge; we have today to speak the truth. And Jesus is the truth.

The Holy Spirit in us urges us to speak, but why do we?

Perhaps we never pray to the Holy Spirit. Maybe our faith is so weak in Him!

Pope Francis is always inviting us to a renewal, to a deeper Christian life, return to the Gospel and the simple Christian way of life.

We can ask the question: why does the church today lose their charm?

The first Christians made testimony of something quite simple: Jesus lives and we must continue His work with him.

By this testimony they have won the world. A handful of people realized this and devoted all their efforts to this task. The world they lived in was as hard and insensitive as it is today.

So the question is just this: Do we witness Christ?

Rejoice in the Cross!

Good Friday reminds us a historical event.

For many people, cross is one of the ornaments, without any deeper meaning.

we start our day in the sign of the cross, we commit ourselves as the children of God and we ask God blessings for our day’s work.

We hear many stories, how people in temptations,  have been helped by the sign of the cross.

The Sign of the cross we must not forget. Our Lord Jesus took the cross to save us, and as his successors we carry also our daily crosses.

There is no Christian life without a cross. It should not make us despair, the cross is not the end, but the resurrection and the salvation from the Cross is the end.

Perhaps we are dissatisfied with our cross, with our lives. Others life looks better . What do we know that others have to contend with in quiet? very little?

So it’s probably best that we carry our own daily cross, pray for strength, and that we do not fail.

God does not give greater burden on us than we can bear.

Rejoice in the cross!!!

Take your cross with enthusiasm (Reflection on Palm Sunday)


Jesus knew what was coming to him – suffering and the cross. It was not strange thing for him.

He sees the rich harvest that his death will bring. Jesus’ life is the way to glory that goes beyond the cross.

There are moments for all of us, we feel so abandoned and alone. Nobody understands us, thinks about us, like the disciples did not understand Jesus. Yes, even some make fun of us, as the scribes did so with Jesus. Some exploits us in our loneliness.

For many people, life seems to be a meaningless waiting for death.

We associate our loneliness and helplessness with Christ’s. Christ experienced loneliness on the way to Calvary and helplessness on the cross.

He helped others, but he really could not tear himself away from the nails that held him on the cross, because he must free us from Satan’s power.

We are burdened with our daily tasks. Many times we are so overloaded, like Jesus as he bore his cross. He could not, and fell, but he pulled himself together, and he reached the goal.

Take your cross with enthusiasm!

Jesus – True Man and True God(Reflection on 5th Sunday of Lent)


Bringing Lazarus to life is the last miracle in the large amount of miracles that Jesus did, and thus Jesus revealed his glory to his disciples.

There are two events, the Church considers as valuable on this Sunday.

Firstly, as true man Jesus wept over his friend Lazarus’ death and thus felt pity for us humans.

When we hear about Jesus, we often forget that he was also a human, and as a result, he felt sorrow, pain and pleasure, just like humans do.

Jesus was not ashamed to weep for his friend Lazarus death.

Jesus had pity on Lazarus sisters and friends, and therefore he understands also our situation when we face suffering, sorrow and death. Jesus was fully human as he was fully God.

Secondly, as God, the eternal Son of God, he could bring his friend Lazarus from death to life, to give a positive proof of his power over everything he created.

This should not only extend mortal life, but it is one of the Christian truth. That death is not the end of our lives, but that death is only as a passage to a new indestructible life, which is in Christ, therefore Jesus says.

I am the resurrection and the life, whoever believes in me, will live, even though he dies.

Today’s Gospel confronts us with death and life. Do we have the true faith, and then we in death see the life in Christ and see him as the Lord of death and life.

May God give us a strong faith in Christ as Lord over life and death.


Give us even more vision and understanding ( Reflection on fourth sunday of the Lent)


15822642_1385795951444419_7215344047874663105_nJesus heals simply a blind man as he walks past him. It is a great message to us that we should not walk past, where we can do something good.

The Pharisees could not accept the healing, because it had happened on the Sabbath. For only a false prophet could do such a thing on the Sabbath.

To see and help others, to see and understand what we humans are to be, is the beautiful call, we have received from God.

But many people’s blindness lies in the fact that they will not see the need of others. They have enough in themselves; their whole life is a circle about themselves and their own interests.

We thank God for what we can see and understand. Above all, we cannot live without faith in God’s mercy and God repeatedly intervenes in our lives and helps us every moment, even though we do not notice it.

Our only prayer is to ‘give us even more vision, even more understanding so that I can love and help others even more.

Seize the opportunity as it comes (Reflection on third sunday of Lent)


The woman has many times been to Jacob’s spring to fetch water, but this particular day she meets Jesus, talking to him and everything is new for her.

It is something that can happen to us. In the midst of our everyday life, many things happen that change our whole life. It is about seizing the opportunity, as the woman did it.

The starting point of Jesus’ conversation with the woman is her everyday situation: to fetch water from the well. Many places in the world, people must fight to get water, and access to water is a big problem. We as Christians must not close our eyes to these problems.

Step by step Jesus develops the conversation with the woman, and the conversation turns into a new beginning for her.

How is our conversation with others? Are we trying to convince others that we are right? Are we trying to defend our own positions and attitudes? Many conversations end up in prejudices and misunderstandings. True conversation requires openness to the views of others.

Looking for the bread, God gives you or God, who gives you bread?


A few years ago I had my vacation in India. An elderly man visited me. He was an ordinary man. He was not educated, he said.

But during our long conversation about the Christian faith and life, I knew that he was indeed a wise man. He asked me this question: “Are you looking for the bread that God the father gives you or are you looking for God the father who gives you bread?”

So it sounded like a difficult question.

But it derives from the basic questions about our faith. Why am I a Christian? Why should I attend church? Why should I seek God or Jesus?

In a very difficult situation, I am one of those, who begin to pray very fervently to Jesus, to help me finding a solution. I begin to pray the Lord’s Prayer and “Hail Mary”. Also I do it sometimes, especially when I’m worried about travel, meetings and health!

In a sense, this shows our confidence in God’s providence. And yes, God is able to help us and find a solution.

But should He do it? Is God simply one that solves problems? And should my relationship with God, be reduced to solving all the practical questions in my daily life?

Here comes the elderly man in the picture whom I met on vacation: “Am I looking for the bread that God the father gives me or am I looking for God the father who gives me bread?

God and I’ll master it (Reflection on second Sunday of Lent)


Every time God called Abraham, he said: I am ready.

From his native place walked Abraham away to a new country without knowing what would happen to him. His faith that God is with him was enough for him, and he said: Yes.

The one who, like Abraham, can devote himself completely to God and trust him, would never doubt and give up, but be confident in God.

Abraham was on the journey of faith. And so we are.

To believe, is not just to say or to stand up for some particular truth, but is constantly be on the way to Christ.

Like the disciples, we will only see the good, the beautiful.

But life is a journey and after, and through the hard way. Our journey in faith is a walk with Christ and the cross.

And here is Christ himself our master teacher, for he says that the cross shows up on our way. And you do not believe it; you are on the wrong path. Therefore, we also hear God the Father’s voice: This is my beloved Son, Listen to him. Listen to him when he tells all the good things, but listen to him too, when he talks about suffering, pain and death.

Through our strong belief that we can together with Christ reach the mountain, but it must often go through the trials, and it will prove whether you have enough faith to walk, although you can not see the target.

But you will hear the Son of God, and you take him at your side, then you’re not alone.

Teresa of Avila said time and time again, when she would accomplish something. God and I’ll master it. And she mastered it.

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