Every time God called Abraham, he said: I am ready.

From his native place walked Abraham away to a new country without knowing what would happen to him. His faith that God is with him was enough for him, and he said: Yes.

The one who, like Abraham, can devote himself completely to God and trust him, would never doubt and give up, but be confident in God.

Abraham was on the journey of faith. And so we are.

To believe, is not just to say or to stand up for some particular truth, but is constantly be on the way to Christ.

Like the disciples, we will only see the good, the beautiful.

But life is a journey and after, and through the hard way. Our journey in faith is a walk with Christ and the cross.

And here is Christ himself our master teacher, for he says that the cross shows up on our way. And you do not believe it; you are on the wrong path. Therefore, we also hear God the Father’s voice: This is my beloved Son, Listen to him. Listen to him when he tells all the good things, but listen to him too, when he talks about suffering, pain and death.

Through our strong belief that we can together with Christ reach the mountain, but it must often go through the trials, and it will prove whether you have enough faith to walk, although you can not see the target.

But you will hear the Son of God, and you take him at your side, then you’re not alone.

Teresa of Avila said time and time again, when she would accomplish something. God and I’ll master it. And she mastered it.