Jesus knew what was coming to him – suffering and the cross. It was not strange thing for him.

He sees the rich harvest that his death will bring. Jesus’ life is the way to glory that goes beyond the cross.

There are moments for all of us, we feel so abandoned and alone. Nobody understands us, thinks about us, like the disciples did not understand Jesus. Yes, even some make fun of us, as the scribes did so with Jesus. Some exploits us in our loneliness.

For many people, life seems to be a meaningless waiting for death.

We associate our loneliness and helplessness with Christ’s. Christ experienced loneliness on the way to Calvary and helplessness on the cross.

He helped others, but he really could not tear himself away from the nails that held him on the cross, because he must free us from Satan’s power.

We are burdened with our daily tasks. Many times we are so overloaded, like Jesus as he bore his cross. He could not, and fell, but he pulled himself together, and he reached the goal.

Take your cross with enthusiasm!