The woman has many times been to Jacob’s spring to fetch water, but this particular day she meets Jesus, talking to him and everything is new for her.

It is something that can happen to us. In the midst of our everyday life, many things happen that change our whole life. It is about seizing the opportunity, as the woman did it.

The starting point of Jesus’ conversation with the woman is her everyday situation: to fetch water from the well. Many places in the world, people must fight to get water, and access to water is a big problem. We as Christians must not close our eyes to these problems.

Step by step Jesus develops the conversation with the woman, and the conversation turns into a new beginning for her.

How is our conversation with others? Are we trying to convince others that we are right? Are we trying to defend our own positions and attitudes? Many conversations end up in prejudices and misunderstandings. True conversation requires openness to the views of others.