When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, Jesus said, “You shall be strong, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and throughout Samaria, even to the ends of the world.”

The church has never been afraid of the world, even though its servants and members have been imprisoned, mistreated and even killed.

Just as the apostles could not be tongue-tied, but had to speak, thus we must speak today.

This is the challenge; we have today to speak the truth. And Jesus is the truth.

The Holy Spirit in us urges us to speak, but why do we?

Perhaps we never pray to the Holy Spirit. Maybe our faith is so weak in Him!

Pope Francis is always inviting us to a renewal, to a deeper Christian life, return to the Gospel and the simple Christian way of life.

We can ask the question: why does the church today lose their charm?

The first Christians made testimony of something quite simple: Jesus lives and we must continue His work with him.

By this testimony they have won the world. A handful of people realized this and devoted all their efforts to this task. The world they lived in was as hard and insensitive as it is today.

So the question is just this: Do we witness Christ?