A few years ago I had my vacation in India. An elderly man visited me. He was an ordinary man. He was not educated, he said.

But during our long conversation about the Christian faith and life, I knew that he was indeed a wise man. He asked me this question: “Are you looking for the bread that God the father gives you or are you looking for God the father who gives you bread?”

So it sounded like a difficult question.

But it derives from the basic questions about our faith. Why am I a Christian? Why should I attend church? Why should I seek God or Jesus?

In a very difficult situation, I am one of those, who begin to pray very fervently to Jesus, to help me finding a solution. I begin to pray the Lord’s Prayer and “Hail Mary”. Also I do it sometimes, especially when I’m worried about travel, meetings and health!

In a sense, this shows our confidence in God’s providence. And yes, God is able to help us and find a solution.

But should He do it? Is God simply one that solves problems? And should my relationship with God, be reduced to solving all the practical questions in my daily life?

Here comes the elderly man in the picture whom I met on vacation: “Am I looking for the bread that God the father gives me or am I looking for God the father who gives me bread?