Good Friday reminds us a historical event.

For many people, cross is one of the ornaments, without any deeper meaning.

we start our day in the sign of the cross, we commit ourselves as the children of God and we ask God blessings for our day’s work.

We hear many stories, how people in temptations,  have been helped by the sign of the cross.

The Sign of the cross we must not forget. Our Lord Jesus took the cross to save us, and as his successors we carry also our daily crosses.

There is no Christian life without a cross. It should not make us despair, the cross is not the end, but the resurrection and the salvation from the Cross is the end.

Perhaps we are dissatisfied with our cross, with our lives. Others life looks better . What do we know that others have to contend with in quiet? very little?

So it’s probably best that we carry our own daily cross, pray for strength, and that we do not fail.

God does not give greater burden on us than we can bear.

Rejoice in the cross!!!