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The Influenza has come for me! 

I’ve been hit by the deadly flu and felt the edge between life and death. After 6 days between life and death where neither God nor the devil would have me, I am back to this world.

I was suffering from terrible flu .. and to make matters worse, I was run out of all types of drugs.

 Dear Flu, you are not my fine friend! And do not come here again and believe that you are something.

Symptoms of the flu that has hit me.

1. Sneezing

2. Headache

3. Sore throat

4. Chills

5. High fever, up to 40 degrees.

6. Joint pain (in the back, arms and legs).

7. Pain especially in the small muscles behind the eyes.

I have sat all night on the chair to try to sleep. The left half of my head has felt swollen. Eyes have run constantly and noses alternately or completely closed or run.

I’m quite sure I’ve got the most dangerous type INFLUENZA 😳


A stump can shoot a new life!

Depending on how our situation is, we think often either about the past or the future. We look nostalgically back at history and desire for something new. However, we have to be satisfied with the time we now live.

It is often regarded as something very ideal to live in the now. It is basically, because the present is our time, and it is also in the present, the chances must be grabbed and the options are to be used.

Nevertheless, there is something natural in dealing with both the past and the future. This applies in all spheres of human life. We live by the events that took place too often centuries ago, and we have ambitions for both what is left for us, and for the things that follows.

We look forward to new times, often with inspiration from the past. What part of the past is the best?

 Past is a stump. A stump is of course a sign that there stood a tree once, perhaps a large, impressive and old wood, which is now broken or cut down. The old glory is gone; there is no longer something nice to look at and no fruit to harvest. It is a sign of a past glory.

However, the roots are still, therefore, there is also life. A stump can shoot a new life, if it is allowed to be, and it can reach past heights.

We have the right to look at such stumps, retrieve power from its roots, and show that even if something is cut down and lost its former power, a new life can germinate.

Accept the beautiful and terrifying world

Death finds in many forms. The list of ways to kill a person is too long. But the worst form of killing a person is indifference.

“The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that’s the essence of inhumanity.” (George Bernard Shaw.)

We can refuse one friendship, not out of malice, but of indifference. We can deny one asylum and thus push him into an uncertain future. Unfortunately humanity in people is almost disappeared in our society and indifference is encouraged.

We are so prepared that there are many lonely, sick, unemployed, homeless people, and that nothing will change, even though we put ourselves in with our compassion and love. But there is always something we can do, if we don’t walk away.

Breaking away from being closed in one’s self is the necessity of the time. A compassionate look from me can change a person; it does not bring sorrow or make someone sick, but give courage to live again.

We need a balanced engagement with all aspects of life. It is the acceptance of the beautiful and terrifying world.

Are we eternal refugees?

“In Denmark I was born, It’s there my home is, from there my roots, and there my world extend.”(H.C. Andersen)

The first years of childhood are crucial for our whole life. Without roots and security – which are the most important things, we must develop from our childhood, – we are eternal refugees.

We become incapable of giving ourselves and to receive from others. We place our history and tradition on the shelf.

A generation that does not know or deny its history and tradition, is just rootless and and will probably never take root anywhere.

We know our roots and we know who we are, and should be, only then, we are open to other people and we have a casual relationship with them.

Will God call me fool?

Most people have wrong priorities! ( Gospel of Luke 12:16-20)

The first is that they never see beyond themselves. They are always thinking only of themselves. They never go beyond even to look their neighbors and share their fortune with the less fortunate. They are selfish in their whole way of thinking.

The second is that they never see beyond this world. Their wealth is their security. Their money and possessions are everything to him and prepare well on their own future life.

They say to themselves that they can be really happy for many years to come. God calls them “fools”.

Greediness and selfishness are always strong temptation for humanity. They are too very misleading because they promise more than they can give.

Calculated Modesty

I came to think of some people, who deliberately put themselves at the back as to be put front. It’s a little hard for me to understand that this kind of show, would be particularly Christian – calculated modesty.

When I look at Jesus, the words of exaltation and humility have entirely different meaning. We see throughout the Gospel that Jesus had a soft spot for the little ones, for the degraded. Not for those who make themselves weak and small and so winning it.

Jesus had a special eye for them. He saw the little Zachaeus in the tree, and showed him the honor, to be a guest in his house.

Jesus heard the blind beggar calling him, sitting in the ditch, and the others will have him to remain silent. He lets all the other stand and go just to this blind beggar – and then everything revolves around him.

In the temple, where everyone has a certain space, depending on how much they mean in society, Jesus picks up the man with the sick hand and put him in their midst. And all see him suddenly, as he was until now overlooked.

It was Jesus’ way. He showed the Tax officer, the poor cripple. You do not need to hide. Also you can stand in the center.

It was their luck that Jesus passed by, who had a healthy human sense and who did not let themselves be fooled by fake modesty.

Of course, such a thing is a happy event. A man like Jesus, we meet not every day.

A little walk and work out in the morning 

First time in 2017 I went to fitness center today. On the way to fitness I could feel the fresh air, which I longed for long time. It was a morning walk to gym. The morning cool air boosts me. It gives me time to be alone with my thoughts.

I saw people biking and walking in rush to their work. Children to their schools. I met some of my friends and greeted them.It makes me more social.

I moved on thinking about my childhood how I went to school and my friends at school. The times you will never get back.

When I reached fitness center, I could see many going back after the work out. To work out after a break, it’s not fun until I get a little fit. Then it can be fun. I tried my best and spent 30 minutes today, burning 300 calories.

The feeling you get after a small wak and doing some work out , it’s so refreshing. It stops feeling bad and starts feeling good. It makes me feel great whole day.

I’m dreaming of continuing it. I know what I need is consistency. I hope this positive attitude can keep me going. I just have to do it!

What do I do when I get up?

As a child, every morning my mother used to shout at me, so that I would get up early and go to church or to school. I hoped many times, I could sleep longer. But it was in vain. I remember it nostalgia – the beauty of nature with birds and animals. The beautiful village life!

As an Adult, the first thing I did, when I got up, was spending few minutes in prayer. I could start my day, staying focused. It was a great help in doing my duties and responsibilities without stress. I could face any challenge. I took everything as it came. And I always connected to the people and world around. The demanding city life!

Today, smartphones make our life more convenient. Life becomes easier. But I am connected to myself, not to others and world.

Prayer has been replaced by smartphone. The first thing I do when I get up is to check my smartphone. It has become my need than the need to pray or giving thanks to God.

Similarly I stay on the toilet 10-15 more even after I have finished, by just checking my smartphone. It has become my nature to check my mobile very often, whether I have some notifications. My life has become dependent on my smartphone. The very lazy life!

The important thing, I have learnt from my parents and as an adult, is insignificant now. Instead I think more about my smartphone.

I should now consider going back to my customs and traditions, where I am more connected with God and nature, and people around. Starting a day with a short prayer and a cup of coffee make it better than a day with smartphone. The hopeful future!

A small beginning, but a great end.

We all know the inner joy, when the seeds that we have sown in our garden, begins to sprout and begin to grow and become plants.

The beginning seems to be too small for the big results that are expected. We talk about the end, but what about the beginning. A good word, a good deed and a good intention are the seeds.

We must take these seeds and hope that they can and will grow and turn into something good in our hearts.

We must not give up; every little smallest good deed that we do is a small seed, and every little good word is a small seed.

It germinates and bears fruit, we do not know; but it does not matter: We sow, and that we can do.

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