Depending on how our situation is, we think often either about the past or the future. We look nostalgically back at history and desire for something new. However, we have to be satisfied with the time we now live.

It is often regarded as something very ideal to live in the now. It is basically, because the present is our time, and it is also in the present, the chances must be grabbed and the options are to be used.

Nevertheless, there is something natural in dealing with both the past and the future. This applies in all spheres of human life. We live by the events that took place too often centuries ago, and we have ambitions for both what is left for us, and for the things that follows.

We look forward to new times, often with inspiration from the past. What part of the past is the best?

 Past is a stump. A stump is of course a sign that there stood a tree once, perhaps a large, impressive and old wood, which is now broken or cut down. The old glory is gone; there is no longer something nice to look at and no fruit to harvest. It is a sign of a past glory.

However, the roots are still, therefore, there is also life. A stump can shoot a new life, if it is allowed to be, and it can reach past heights.

We have the right to look at such stumps, retrieve power from its roots, and show that even if something is cut down and lost its former power, a new life can germinate.