I came to think of some people, who deliberately put themselves at the back as to be put front. It’s a little hard for me to understand that this kind of show, would be particularly Christian – calculated modesty.

When I look at Jesus, the words of exaltation and humility have entirely different meaning. We see throughout the Gospel that Jesus had a soft spot for the little ones, for the degraded. Not for those who make themselves weak and small and so winning it.

Jesus had a special eye for them. He saw the little Zachaeus in the tree, and showed him the honor, to be a guest in his house.

Jesus heard the blind beggar calling him, sitting in the ditch, and the others will have him to remain silent. He lets all the other stand and go just to this blind beggar – and then everything revolves around him.

In the temple, where everyone has a certain space, depending on how much they mean in society, Jesus picks up the man with the sick hand and put him in their midst. And all see him suddenly, as he was until now overlooked.

It was Jesus’ way. He showed the Tax officer, the poor cripple. You do not need to hide. Also you can stand in the center.

It was their luck that Jesus passed by, who had a healthy human sense and who did not let themselves be fooled by fake modesty.

Of course, such a thing is a happy event. A man like Jesus, we meet not every day.