First time in 2017 I went to fitness center today. On the way to fitness I could feel the fresh air, which I longed for long time. It was a morning walk to gym. The morning cool air boosts me. It gives me time to be alone with my thoughts.

I saw people biking and walking in rush to their work. Children to their schools. I met some of my friends and greeted them.It makes me more social.

I moved on thinking about my childhood how I went to school and my friends at school. The times you will never get back.

When I reached fitness center, I could see many going back after the work out. To work out after a break, it’s not fun until I get a little fit. Then it can be fun. I tried my best and spent 30 minutes today, burning 300 calories.

The feeling you get after a small wak and doing some work out , it’s so refreshing. It stops feeling bad and starts feeling good. It makes me feel great whole day.

I’m dreaming of continuing it. I know what I need is consistency. I hope this positive attitude can keep me going. I just have to do it!