As a child, every morning my mother used to shout at me, so that I would get up early and go to church or to school. I hoped many times, I could sleep longer. But it was in vain. I remember it nostalgia – the beauty of nature with birds and animals. The beautiful village life!

As an Adult, the first thing I did, when I got up, was spending few minutes in prayer. I could start my day, staying focused. It was a great help in doing my duties and responsibilities without stress. I could face any challenge. I took everything as it came. And I always connected to the people and world around. The demanding city life!

Today, smartphones make our life more convenient. Life becomes easier. But I am connected to myself, not to others and world.

Prayer has been replaced by smartphone. The first thing I do when I get up is to check my smartphone. It has become my need than the need to pray or giving thanks to God.

Similarly I stay on the toilet 10-15 more even after I have finished, by just checking my smartphone. It has become my nature to check my mobile very often, whether I have some notifications. My life has become dependent on my smartphone. The very lazy life!

The important thing, I have learnt from my parents and as an adult, is insignificant now. Instead I think more about my smartphone.

I should now consider going back to my customs and traditions, where I am more connected with God and nature, and people around. Starting a day with a short prayer and a cup of coffee make it better than a day with smartphone. The hopeful future!