‘YES’ should be a ‘yes’ and ‘NO’ should be a ‘no’. What is beyond that is evil.

And it reflects God’s uniqueness.

God says ‘yes’ to the world, but ‘no’ to the chaos. God says ‘yes’ to the life, but ‘no’ to the death. God says ‘yes’ to the culprit, but ‘no’ to the sin. He says ‘yes’ to the truth, but ‘no’ to the lie.

God is unique, and I can unconditionally rely on His word.

His word is so unique, so nothing can shake it, not even man, and therefore I can find my anchor in His word.

This uniqueness should also characterize me. But often my ‘yes’ and my ‘no’ are not quite clear. Many times it is a ‘yes’ but really a ‘no’, and many times is a ‘no’, but really a ‘yes’. And none of it is good.

How much hatred it can bring, when my ‘yes’ in fact was a ‘no’, because I did not complete what I have agreed to. I said ‘yes’, without giving my inner ‘yes’ to it.

An honest ‘no’ can be more helpful than a half-hearted ‘yes’.

Like the functions of a computer is built on ‘yes and no’, the life also should build up on ‘yes or no’. A clear ‘yes or no’.