I live as if life is infinite, as if I am young always. And I hunt through life. I want something out of this life. I want to enjoy it.

I have won so much I have owned and experienced. I stand with empty hands, with an empty heart, alone, distraught.
This turns my life upside down.  Just my life is marked by this secret: not to hunt for myself, but to bestow opportunities for the sake of others. It’s a leap.

A life lived not for myself alone; it has also other meaning than to lead other people to my own lifestyle. This must radiate out to all and thus becomes my service for people – that is what I am sure that I will bring them to the same life that I have known.

The secret – live well and live as human – give life to other people, every single day. The more I succeed, the more the world’s countenance will change.